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What is Crossing Buddy?
Crossing Buddy is going to be a vest that helps the visually impaired cross the street at designated locations.

What will it do?


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Debasis Mitra -
Alex Esenwein -
Ryan Schwieterman -
Joshua Quinto -
Elias Anastasopoulos -

Client: Dr. Ryan White -



Semester 1 Plan (September 8th):

Milestone 1 (Oct. 4th) Milestone 2 (Nov. 1st) Milestone 3 (Nov. 29th)
Requirements Document Presentation Presentation
Design Document Progress Evaluation Progress Evaluation
Test Document    
Progress Evaluation    


Semester 2 Plan (January 19th):

Milestone 4 (Feb. 14th) Milestone 5 (Mar. 21st) Milestone 6 (Apr. 18th)
Presentation Poster User/Developer Manual
Progress Evaluation e-book page Demo Video
  Presentation Presentation
  Progress Evaluation Progress Evaluation